Sunset Ridge Johnson Creek FAQ’s

Who lives in assisted living residences?

Currently, more than one million Americans live in an estimated 20,000 assisted living residences. Wisconsin has more than 2,400 assisted living facilities in which over 31,000 individuals reside. Each individual may have a set of diverse needs, from relatively independent seniors and other adults, to persons with advanced stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, mental illnesses, traumatic brain injuries, and alcohol and drug addiction.

What does an assisted living residence look like?

Assisted living residences can range from a high-rise apartment complex to a family residence to a converted hotel. Residences may be free standing or housed with other residential options, such as independent living or nursing care. Non-profit or for-profit companies may operate them. There is no single blueprint, because consumers’ preferences and needs vary widely. Senior housing units may vary in size from one room to a full apartment.

What is the cost of residency at Sunset Ridge Johnson Creek?

Cost of residency can vary and is based on certain criteria. Room size, level of independence, and care needed are all contributing factors for cost. Before a cost summary can be totaled, a pre-admission assessment is needed to determine these factors. For more information please call (262) 473-9259 and schedule a meeting with one of our care specialists.

Who pays for the residency at Sunset Ridge Johnson Creek?

Residents or their families are generally responsible for costs associated with elderly care residency. It is also possible that an individual's health insurance program or long-term care policy including SSI and Medicaid may reimburse or cover some costs.

Is there a physician, podiatrist, dentist, or physical therapist on staff?

While Sunset Ridge Johnson Creek does not have any of the preceding specialists on staff, we do provide these services through contracted and approved agencies. Specialists make regularly scheduled visits to our facility and are available on an as needed basis and by request.

Can we use our regular family physician?

Yes. Families may continue to use any health care provider they wish. Sunset Ridge Johnson Creek will coordinate with family physicians as well as other health care professionals.

Is telephone, cable and wireless internet available?

Wireless internet and cable television services are included with residency at Sunset Ridge Johnson Creek. Personal telephone service, while available, is not included. Residents wishing to have phone service may contact administration, or as most families find, providing wireless phone service may be an easier option. All costs associated with telephone and wireless phone services are solely the responsibility of residents and/or their families.

Can cash be kept bedside?

Residents wishing to keep cash and other valuables within the facility are encourage to keep it in secure and locked storage locations, such as trunks, safes, or lock boxes. Being that this is an assisted living home, it is highly recommended that cash be kept with family members and not brought to the facility.

Can you smoke while in residency at Sunset Ridge Johnson Creek care?

Sunset Ridge Johnson Creek facility promotes healthy living and a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to be a non-smoking assisted living facility.

Is there a hair dresser or barber at the facility?

Yes, both beauty and barber services are included with residency at Sunset Ridge Johnson Creek. Residents need only make appointments to visit our on-site salon and barber shop for regular grooming and beauty needs.

What are the visiting hours?

Regular daily visiting hours are from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday visiting hours are from 8am to 9pm at our assisted living facility.

Can residents leave the facility for outings and overnight stays with family?

Residents are absolutely allowed to leave the facility for outings and special occasions with their families and loved ones, as long as doctors orders permit it. Staff should be notified ahead of time to plan for medications and so other medical concerns may be addressed.

What if I have other questions or concerns?

We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Please contact us directly at (262) 473-9259 to discuss any issues or address any questions. You may also submit a contact request on our contact page.